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Top 3 Car Accessories for Winter

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Top 3 car accessories for winter

Winter is harsh in its own way for every country some countries are covered with snow the entire winter season, while others suffer from floods, mud, and wind storms. In this article we will be talking about the top 3 car accessories for winter season. The top 3 list was picked according to their usefulness during an emergency situation with your car during winter.

Metal Tire Chains (suitable for snow, mud, sand): you can easily place the tire chains in your trunk, since one day you’ll be glad you have them. If you like to drive on sand dunes in the Middle East, go off road in Africa, or drive on snow in Canada these tire chains will come in handy. If you have done any of the these activities in the past you know that in many cases your car might get stuck and you’ll need someone to pull you out of a muddy pit, a sandy valley, or a snow blocked road. When you have those strong metal tire chains, it’s easy to strap them on in minutes then drive like a pro to safety.

Heated Front and Rear Seats and blanket: having front and rear heating seats in the car is not a luxury in many places like north Europe, Canada, Russia, Greenland, Alaska, and many more cold regions. The temperature sometimes gets to -30 degrees Celsius which can freeze your eyeballs if you get stranded on the road or your car heater fails. Even in normal situations when you first get into the car it needs a long time to start heating up. Heated seats are a must not a luxury since they provide you with heat almost instantly using electricity from your engine and 12 volt battery. Having heated seats in the front and back seats will provide you with heat running on your 12 volt battery or car engine if it’s running until you get the help you need.

Warm Winter Steering Wheel Cover: one of the bad things about cold weather is that the car takes a long time to warm up and start heating the car, thus you’ll find the seats and steering wheel freezing cold. Having a warm fluffy steering wheel cover saves the day since it warms up your hands and covers the freezing plastic steering wheel cover to let you enjoy a warm soft steering wheel touch.

In conclusion, there are some simple additions to your car that can make a big difference not only in everyday commutes but in emergency situations too. Get yourself the top 3 car accessories for winter today and enjoy safe and comfortable driving.

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