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New Car Gadgets and Car Accessories 2020

Welcome to where we offer all the hottest new car gadgets and new car accessories! 

The excitement of buying a new car is reminiscent of a child opening toys on Christmas morning. You just can’t wait to play with it and make it your own! This is why we offer all of the best new car gadgets and accessories to personalize the inside and outside of your new car and make it your own. 

But it’s not only about new cars. Show your old (or new-to-you) cars some love. Freshen up an older vehicle with gadgets and accessories to make it feel new again! We spend so much time in our vehicles, it is important to make them a place where we feel comfortable. Long drives and road trips are much more enjoyable when your car is personalized to your tastes. 

We offer reasonable, low prices and free shipping worldwide. Whenever possible, your order can be tracked and will be delivered between 12 and 30 days. 

New Car Gadgets offers nearly every kind of new car accessory you can imagine! From keychains, steering wheel covers, air fresheners, and storage options, we have something for everyone. 

Keep reading to see some of the amazing new car gadgets and new car accessories we offer!


Reusable Flower Car Air Freshener ($6.99)

This adorable daisy flower air freshener hooks right into your car vents, allowing a blast of sweet scent every time you turn on the air conditioner or heater. Even in the winter, flowers will always bloom in your car. It comes with two free tablets, is reusable, and comes in four adorable colors.


Kids Car Storage Back Seat Area ($26.99)

If you are a mom, you know just how messy kids can be! With toys, water bottles, snacks, and binkies, your toddler makes quick work of making your back seat dirty. This storage area clips on to the back of the car seat, offering storage for everything your child will need during a car ride, right in front of them! With this product, there will be no more reaching around to fuss with your child’s items, ensuring that your eyes are on the road, keeping you and your child safe.

3 Pieces Fuzzy Warm Steering Wheel Cover (29.99)

This fuzzy car accessory set will make sure you are driving in style, all while keeping your hands warm on those cold winter days! This artificial wool set comes with a steering wheel cover, gear shift cover, and brake cover. It is a girly accessory that will make your car feel way more comfortable. It also comes in three different colors so you are sure to find one you like!

2Pcs Pink Kitten Car Headrest Cushions Girly Touch (22.99)

If you’re looking for cute and girly car accessories, this is the option for you! These adorable car headrest cushions are shaped like the cutest little kitty! Additionally, they are padded with high quality cotton to ensure your comfort, making them not only cute, but functional too. These are a must-have for anyone who wants to make their car the cutest around.

Universal Car Remote Keyless Entry System ($24.99)

No more fumbling for your keys! With this product, all you have to do is have the key in your pocket, and once you get close to your car, it will open up for you and greet you with an interior light! This is a safe option, allowing you to enter your car without spending too much time searching through your pockets or bags for your keys which can make you vulnerable to people around.

Car Seat Ventilation Air Cushion ($64.99)

While this is one of the pricier options on the list, it is a must have. This product is a wonderful option for cars that do not have air conditioning, or for people who get too sweaty in the car. This ventilated air cushion fits over your car seat and blasts cool air on your back and is powered using the cigarette lighter socket.

Qi Wireless Car Charger ($24.99)

This wireless car charger allows you to charge your phone without the hassle of cords! This is one of the coolest new car gadgets, because it is totally hands-free as it fits into your car’s air vent, while offering a sleek, modern look that new car owners crave. 

Car Tire Air Valve Caps ($4.99)

Choose from a wide selection of air valve caps to keep the air in your tires in style! Little accessories like these help pull together your car’s appearance, as small details matter when examining your car’s overall style. Choose from multiple colors of dice, soccer balls, dollar signs, and more!


2Pcs Eyebrows Car Sticker ($5.99)

Sometimes it can be fun to take things not-so-seriously! These adorable stickers give your car eyelashes, making it appear like your car is a cute girl. This new car accessory is a decoration that is sure to bring a smile to your face.


Funny Dog Sticker Decal ($6.99)

This adorable decal is a must have for dog lovers! It is applied to your car’s back wiper, making it appear as if a puppy is wagging its tail. This new car accessory is sure to make other drivers on the road laugh.

American Flag Decal ($4.99)

Show off your patriotism with this high quality decal! Made of aluminum, the decal comes in two styles. The sticker is small enough to be a low-profile way to take pride in the United States, but is still extremely recognizable featuring the stars and stripes. It can be placed anywhere from your gas cap cover to your back bumper.

Car Windows Tinting Film Roll ($7.99)

During the summer time, the heat inside your car can simply become unbearable! Using film to tint your windows is one way to beat the heat. This window tint comes in five different levels of shading, and offers a 60-80% insulation rate, 20-40% transmittance, and 60-80% ultraviolet light blocking, depending on which shade you choose. It is quick and easy to apply and is sure to make a world of difference against the sun.

Full Car Cover Anti Rain Snow Ice Waterproof Dustproof UV Outdoor (24.99)

This full-service car cover protects your vehicle from nearly everything it could encounter in the great outdoors (even if it’s just sitting in your driveway). This waterproof encompasses the entirety of your car protecting it from rain, snow, ice, and sun. By keeping the elements out, it helps keep your car looking nice and clean. Additionally, this can be used on a car that is kept in a garage to protect it from dust. This is especially helpful for luxury or vintage car owners. New Car Gadgets also stocks these in a larger size for SUV owners: SUV Car Cover Anti Rain Snow UV Dust ($34.99)

Car Emergency Hammer Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter ($9.99)

No one likes to imagine the worst scenarios, but it is important to be prepared! This multitool serves as a lifesaver in an emergency, and can be used as a hammer to break windows and cut seat belts. In an emergency, every second is precious, and having the peace of mind knowing you have a tool like this to get out of your car if need be can be especially helpful. Parents should consider gifting all of their teenagers driving their first car with this.


Car Paint Scratch Repair Pens ($5.99)

Even if you are a safe driver, it is inevitable that your car’s exterior will end up with a few nicks and scratches. This can be at the fault of another driver, but it can also be a result of something as simple as a piece of gravel flying up from the road and hitting your car. That’s where this pen steps in! It comes in 12 colors to seamlessly cover up any slight damage that your car may accrue over time without costly fees that come with repainting your entire vehicle.


New Metal Snow Chains Anti Skid Off Road Tire Chains Small Large ($19.99)

If you live somewhere where the winters leave the land covered in snow, tire chains are an essential car accessory to have! They affix easily to your tires and prevent sliding and skidding in the snow, keeping you and your passengers safe during the winter time. They can also be used through sand, mud, puddles, and wherever else your vehicle may take you. If you are an adventurous off-road driver, these tire chains are sure to be a life saver.


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