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Essential New Car Accessories

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It’s always a joyful experience when we buy a new car. For the first few drives at least, then we start thinking I should have included “this and that” option or car accessory in my purchase. Well relax, since if you took the full package you would have paid loads of money for factory stock options that most probably will not fit your needs. We will list some really essential car accessories that you need to have in your new car pertaining to car safety, convenience, looks, and protection.

Let’s start with new car safety accessories: Many new cars today come without a spare tire, this is because having a spare tire will increase the car weight during the EPA car fuel efficiency test, rated miles per gallon MPG or kilometers per liter KPL. Now you have a flat tire with a new car, what will you do?

Imagine yourself driving on a family trip in your new car, which most do first think after purchasing a new car, and suddenly you have a flat tire. You go back to your trunk and woops, you don’t have a spare tire! Well at least you need to have the following essential new car accessories in your trunk: 

Portable Car Air Compressor (300 psi): An air compressor is very handy in those situations since if you have a flat tire you can always pull your air compressor out of the trunk and inflate your tire in minutes (300 psi around 4 minutes to full) to get you safely to the nearest car repair shop. But what if the punctured tire won’t inflate and need tire repair?

300 psi tire air compressor essential new car accessories

Tire Repair Kit: a tire repair kit can save the day when it comes to punctured tire repair. A small kit with a T screw and rubber strips that you easily insert into the punctured tire to temporarily stop air leaks, inflate the tire with your air compressor, and get to the nearest car repair store.

tire repair kit essential new car accessories

Solar Tire Air Pressure Monitor: Many times we drive without realizing that we have a flat tire. This solar powered tire pressure monitor will give you Pressure and Temperature of all four wheels and sound an alert whenever you have a flat tire. It’s a wireless connection so no wiring is needed at all. You get 4 tire air valve caps to screw in place of the plastic ones, and then place the LED display on your dashboard so it can charge for free from the sun or charge it up with a micro USB cable.

solar tire pressure monitoring system tpms essential new car accessories

    New Car Accessories for Convenience: low and behold, we have a new car in the garage. Now a bunch of family and friends come over and want to take a ride in your new car. They get in and you start driving, when one of them says “do you have a USB charging port back here”, another says, “where are the cup holders in the back”, another says, “can I have a napkin please”, and then says, “where can I through the napkin”. I know you want to scream at this point, but really many new cars lack convenience for the driver and passengers alike. Here are some of the best new car accessories that you can add for convenience and practicality of your new car:

    Car Front Seat back Storage Areas: the back of the front seats usually has one pocket and that’s it. A precious space wasted with no use. Well you can utilize this space to add a table, couple of cup holders, phone pockets, and a napkin holder too. Your friends and family will love it.

    car front seat back organizer storage essential new car accessories

    4 USB port phone chargers for front and back seats passengers: you know how crazy people get these days when their phone runs out of juice. Many start suffocating when the phone battery is at 10%. Well you can keep everyone happy having 2 USB ports for you and the front passenger another 2 USB ports for the back passengers.

    4 USB port car phone charger for front and back seat passengers essential new car accessories

    Back seat trunk storage area organizer: The backseats have a large area that is not utilized too. Adding a storage area as a new car accessory is definitely worth it. In many cases we have our car accessories in the trunk and they keep wiggling around while driving making annoying noises and squeaks. You can utilize the trunk organizer to put all your tools and car accessories so that they are within reach of passengers, in case you need something, and fit in place so they don’t wiggle around.

    back seat storage trunk organizer essential new car accessories

      Cool car accessories to decorate your new Car: For those who like flashy eye catching cars, then it’s necessary to add cool car accessories for your new car. Many new cars come dull and just lack style and looks. We have compiled a list of the best car accessories for your new car to look unique and truly look as a new car is supposed to be, eye catching:

      Car Interior lighting LEDs: many cars these days lack interior lighting. A small center light up top, tiny reading lights, and that’s about it. Without light we’re blind to see beauty, just kidding. We recommend adding car interior lighting to the following areas: 

      - Car Pillar lighting LED strips
      - Car floor lighting front and back
      - Trunk interior lights (stock is usually very weak)

      car pillar lighting car interior lighting decorationcar interior floor lighting new car accessoriescar trunk lighting car reading light essential new car accessories

      Car exterior lighting: exterior lights really add a classy look to the car, especially the strips of LED daytime running lights; they look really hot on a new car. If your car doesn’t come with fog lights then it’s smart to add fog lights for safety and looks too.

      car exterior lighting remote led rgb lights

      New Car Seat Covers: adding new car seat covers will not only add style to your new car but also preserve your original car seats for an increased resale value in the future when you plan to sell. Car seat covers protect your original seats from coffee spills, food drops, dust, mud, and more.

      beige car seat covers leather new car accessories

      Steering Wheel covers: let’s face it stock steering wheels are bad. They usually have a stale look with no decoration whatsoever.Having the right steering wheel cover to match your interior color and personal style is essential to having a nice looking car.

      new car steering wheel cover diamond crystal bling shine new car accessories

        How to preserve and protect your new car: even new cars are prone to everyday wear and tear. There are factors that affect all cars every day. We can take precautionary measures to protect our cars from those daily minor damages done to our cars. Here are some examples of car accessories necessary for every car especially new cars:

        Front headlights protective film: thinking why you really need this headlights protective film for your new car. While driving the majority of the drag occurs on your front headlights, front grill, front hood, and front windshield. Not only drag but, dust, insects, and small rocks fly at high speeds and hit those areas constantly while driving. Causing the front of the car to have small pores and cracks in your new car paint, and headlights.

        car headlights protective film vinyl cover essential new car accessories and gadgets

        Nanotechnology Ceramic Paint windshield protection: the windshield is our window to the outside world when driving, so it’s smart to always keep it clean and scratch free. This ceramic paint is cheap but very effective in creating a protective ceramic layer over your windshield to prevent scratching, dirt, even rain from sticking into it. Leaving your windshield clean, clear, and protected.

        windshield ceramic paint protective paint essential new car accessories and gadgets

        Full car cover: if you don’t have a garage and your car is out in the open all day and night, then you should really consider a full car cover to protect your new car paint from the sunlight, dirt, humidity, and rain.

        full car cover outdoors essential new car accessories

          In conclusion, we are happy that you have read to the end and hope you found this article useful as our list of essential new car accessories. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family too. You can subscribe to our blog for future articles all about car gadgets and accessories.

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