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Best Camping Gadgets for Cars

Many of us have very busy lives and strive to have a day away from work, traffic, and big city life. There’s nothing more relaxing than going out camping. camping give us a chance to get in touch with mother nature, breath clean fresh air, enjoy a quite cozy night, and waking up to the sounds of bird symphonies.

Although we enjoy simple nature while camping, we still need our gadgets to eliminate any inconvenience Mother Nature might throw at us. This is why we picked the best camping gadgets for cars that provide you with basic needs like, shelter, fire, energy, and water. 

Portable tent to fit in your car trunk (shelter):Of course you're not going to go camping without a tent, so the first Car camping gadget should provide you with shelter. It happens that we go on a camping trip, the weather is beautiful, the sun is shining, and it seems like the perfect day to go camping. But wait a second; some of us just have really bad luck! We set camp and it starts raining, windy, and cloudy, you name it. If you love camping, it’s a good idea to have a portable light weight tent in your trunk to set camp wherever and whenever you want.


What to look for in a good camping tent for your car?

  • lightweight portable design to fit in your trunk
  • easy fast camping tent setup
  • waterproof camping tent to protect you from rain
  • insulated ground base to keep you dry
  • sturdy tent structure to withstand wind
  • fit 2 comfortably for you and your camping partner

Having a source of fire while camping is essential (Fire):  Fire has been used for many years by humans for heating, cooking, and most importantly deterring wild animals. When camping in the wilderness wild animals can easily detect your presence. Fire tells them that you’re human, by nature wild animals are afraid of fire and don’t like to approach it. Having a small portable campfire or a mini camping stove can be very convenient since you can easily place it on a solid ground away from easily burning materials to make your morning coffee, cook a soup, or just use it to start a campfire to warm you up.

What to look for in a camping stove?

  • Small and portable mini stove to fit in your car trunk
  • The camping stove should be easy to move around
  • Use the mini stove for boiling water or cooking
  • Small replaceable fuel supply tank to last you for the camping duration
  • Easy to operate and safe

Camping stove needs a portable small propane tank: you need a portable propane tank to last for a few days while you're camping. the small propane tank should be small to fit in your trunk and portable to carry around if you need to move your camp. 

We all need electrical energy even when camping (Energy): electrical energy is now an essential part of our daily lives. When camping we need an electrical source to make sure our phones are operating, not to play games, or spend our camping trip on social media, we need it for emergencies. It’s also nice to have an LED camping light in our tent at night. The best camping gadgets for electric energy is a solar power bank. A solar power bank can provide your phone with a charge and connect an LED light into it at the same time, while charging from FREE solar energy.

What to look for in a solar power bank for camping?

  • High capacity solar power banks, the higher the merrier
  • Waterproof to make sure it does not die on you when it gets wet
  • Solar power bank that has a place to hook on your bag, tent, or a tree
  • Sturdy cover to withstand sudden drops
  • Fast solar charging to make sure its topped off and ready to use

Water is essential not only for drinking but also for cleaning up (Water): when camping many of us move around to explore the areas around our camp. Exploration, walking, hiking, swimming, or even mud splashing can be some activities we engage while camping. Camping activities especially for long camping trips, results in sweat, dirt, and insects all over your body. It’s very nice to have a fresh warm shower so that you feel and smell clean and prevent your partner from kicking you out of the tent at night.

 Solar Shower Camping shower outdoors shower best camping gadgets in your car

What to look for in a camping gadgets shower?

  • Lightweight camping shower to easily move
  • High capacity of water to make sure it can last for a full shower
  • Solar heating is a big plus to give you comfortable warm water
  • Simple yet does the job well

Camping Hooks and Hangers for your camping stuff: When camping you might need to hang your camping stuff somewhere, like your camping light, clothes, shoes, solar light, solar power bank, or hook some gadgets to your backpack or belt. 

What to look for in a good camping hook buckle ? 

  • Hook made of metal like aluminium so it can hold heavy items 
  • Aluminum is weather resistant and won't rust. 
  • easy to hook on belts, ropes, trees, and fit your item too
  • small and lightweight to fit on your belt, or backpack


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